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We're a group of poker players on a constant search for value. And one of the best sources of value for new online poker players are the free bankrolls sites offer to new customers. constantly monitors over 100 online poker sites and collects, dissects and rates the top current free poker money offers.

Free Poker Bankrolls: How Do They Work?

A free bankroll is just a marketing tool online poker sites use to drum up new business. No matter how you look at it, acquiring new customers costs money. The logic behind free poker bankrolls is that you might as well give some of that cost directly to the potential customer. It gets players through the door and at the tables, and that's a great outcome from a poker site's point of view. So that, in a nutshell, is why online poker sites give out free bankrolls.

As for how free poker bankrolls work, that's an easy answer as well. The room gives you some amount of money (sometimes with the potential to earn more) to try their games. This money will usually be restricted in some way - for example, you won't be able to simply cash it out. But those sensible restrictions aside, free bankrolls really are as good as real money when you're playing at an online poker room.

Which online poker sites are offering free bankrolls? Is it only small rooms I've never heard of? Rooms of all shapes and sizes - including the biggest poker sites in the world - offer free bankrolls on a regular basis. Poker bankrolls are not limited to small or unknown rooms - view our current list of bankroll offers here to see the top-tier poker sites offering free bankroll bonuses to new players.

Are free poker bankrolls only for new players? Usually the answer is yes. Free bankrolls are a tool poker sites use to attract new players, not retain or reactivate existing ones. As a result, it's usually only new players that qualify for free bankroll / no deposit bankroll offers.

Do I get access to the money instantly? Again, usually yes. Sometimes there will be a brief lag while your account is approved. But for many free poker bankrolls, instant crediting of the funds to your account is standard.

I see that you rank free bankrolls. What are those rankings based on? You can learn more about how rates free bankrolls here.

Do any of the offers you list require a deposit? Very few of our offers require you to ever make a deposit. From time to time we will list bankroll offers that require a small deposit if the room is high quality and the value is worthwhile. But the overhwelming majority of our free poker bankrolls are no deposit required offers.

How long are free bankrolls good for? Check the terms of each individual offer (you can find them clearly marked on our reviews, just click on any room link in the main menu) to find expiration dates. Generally you have between 7 and 90 days to use / earn a free bankroll.

Who's the guy with the green jacket? That's Benny. You'll see him popping up across all of our sites, pointing out things that might be helpful or interesting to poker bankroll hunters. And since he's a cartoon, we don't have to pay him much. And, before we forget, Benny uses Placeit to make all of the nifty images you see on our bankroll pages.

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