A Review of Bet365’s Mobile Poker Client

Posted: October 15th, 2013

Bet365 Poker became one of the first UK Poker sites to offer a dedicated poker room service for customers who like to play via their smartphone or tablet. Currently, the site only offers support for iPhone and iPad devices although it is likely that in future, this may well be expanded to include other popular operating systems, such as Android.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the software and its strengths and weaknesses, together with a view as to how good a platform it provides for playing poker.

The basics – download and set up

The first thing to note is that there is not a dedicated ‘app’ as such for the Bet365 poker client. You can access it in one of two ways, firstly point your iPhone or iPad browser to the relevant Bet365 Poker mobile web address and you can log in your details that way.

New Bet365 Mobile Client

However, if you find it easier to navigate from your iPhone or iPad, then you can create an icon for Bet365 Poker by clicking on the appropriate icon when the software prompts you. This creates a shortcut on your iPhone or iPad allowing you to access your account at the click of a button.

One final thing to note, while you can log into the site with your device in an upright position, when the actual menu loads, you will be prompted to turn the device so it is ‘landscape’ to you. This allows the poker tables and menu’s used in the software to display properly.

Other than that, all you need to join is your current Bet365 login details and cash in your account to play with.

If you are not yet a Bet365 customer and want to play via iPhone or iPad, then you can join today and you’ll receive $5 immediately to play with on site, as well as a matched deposit bonus that has the potential to be worth up to $1,000.

You’ll also gain entry to the €100 New Depositor Freeroll, though somewhat annoyingly, if you do, you’ll have to play in this event from your computer as this aspect of the site is not yet compatible with the mobile poker client.

The Bet365 Mobile Site

Once you have logged in and the software has loaded, you can select from five different options on the mobile client, Sports (for sports betting), In-Play (for betting In-Play on events), Casino (for casino games), Poker (for the dedicated Poker rooms) and Games (which are other gambling games not covered in the Casino or Poker, such as scratchcard games).

To log into the poker client, simply click on the button so it is highlighted in yellow and underlined and then click the green “Play Now” button underneath to load up the Poker Client menu.

We will cover the other aspects of the Bet365 site in future articles, but for now let us take a look at the mobile poker client.

The Bet365 Mobile Poker Site

It is fair to say that when you click on the Poker screen and it loads up, the result is initially underwhelming. A very basic menu-driven screen loads up which displays the poker rooms available, what types of games are available in the selected room and some buttons that can be used to seat you at a table, browse the list of games available, or add a particular table to your list of favourites. 

There are two different types of poker games available via the mobile site – Cash Tables and Speed Games.

Cash Tables & Speed Games Menu

The Cash Tables tab gives you access to all the Premium Cash Tables that are currently running on the Bet365 website. This is a positive as it means you are not just limited to playing against other players playing via mobile, but can play against all other players using these tables at the website too.

Bet365 Mobile Cash TablesOnce selected, you can then sort the tables in one of five different ways, the Game Type, Bet Type, Currency used, Stakes played for and the Table Size. Selecting any of these brings up another menu with another list of options relevant to each one.  For example click on the Game Type box and this brings up a menu from which you can select just Hold’Em games, or any game type.

Once you’ve selected your parameters for play, you can click on the yellow ‘Take Seat’ button to be seated automatically at a table by the software, or if you prefer, you can browse a list of games and pick a table to join yourself.

You use exactly the same methods described above if you wish to play at the Speed Hold’em Tables instead.

Cash Tables Information

There are several cash tables you can choose from on the Bet365 Poker client, these include a number of traditional and premium cash tables with stakes ranging from $0.02/$0.04 per hand, up to $2/$4 per hand.

Cash Table Bet365

Tables seat a maximum of six people, with a select few heads up games involving two people also available for play on the mobile client.

All Cash Tables play No Limit Hold’em, there are no other types of games available via the mobile client at present.

Speed Games Information

There are five speed games in operation on the Bet365 Poker mobile client, labelled Speed Hold’em 1 through to 5. The main difference between each of the rooms is the stakes that will be played for, with Speed Hold’em Room 1, being the lowest stakes ($0.02/$0.05) and Speed Hold’em Room 5 being the highest stakes ($0.5/$1) available.

At the time of writing, all games played in these rooms are No Limits Hold’em.

Due to the fast nature of the game, this is a popular aspect of the mobile casino and is well populated with players who like to play poker at a quicker pace than is available on the cash tables.

Cash Tables and Speed Games – Gameplay & Opposition

Whether you opt to play Cash Tables or Speed Games, the actual design of the table, icons and animations for gameplay etc are all exactly the same. That is to say, it is a basic design and not particularly spectacular when it comes to the graphics.

Bet365 Mobile Review

This however is a good thing, with mobile connections still intermittent, the simplistic nature of the graphics mean you do not put undue strain on your machine, or your Internet connection and this in turn helps facilitate speedier and more interruption-free gameplay.

There is no discernible difference in the quality of players you face on the Cash Tables or Speed Games, when compared to quality of play you’d find on the website, when playing via iPhone or iPad.

This is chiefly because the software allows players from both to play against each other. Nor is there any slow-down in speed when opting to play on a mobile device, though that may change if your WiFi or 3G signal isn’t the best, or you are travelling.

There is excellent traffic on the Bet365 Poker site however and this means that there are usually plenty of games available for you to play when you log in on your mobile device, even if you only have two different types of game to play at present.

In terms of opposition, the standard is much the same as on the Bet365 Poker site, the higher stakes you play for then the more able your opponents tend to be. There are still plenty of newcomers playing the game though at lower stakes, which are relatively easy pickings for even a modestly experienced player.


As a mobile poker site, Bet365’s offering certainly ticks all the right boxes. It is one of the first and most reliable poker clients available for iPhone and iPad and comes highly recommended.

For a first stab at a mobile poker client, the software is necessarily basic, but certainly meets the needs of the average poker player without detracting any of the enjoyment of playing.

Bet365 Mobile Poker Client Review

The positives of the site are that it is quick, reliable, transactions are processed very quickly, the games work well via mobile device and interruptions have been relatively few and far between. The standard of play is mixed, but with plenty of opportunity to earn cash at lower levels for decent players.

While there are no real negatives for the site, in future releases it would be nice to see support for other devices (Android in particular) and it would also be nice to see Sit & Go and MTT’s added to the options available for mobile customers.

As a standalone poker client, it is a great first foray into the market and stands proudly in the stable alongside its notable other Bet365 mobile client software.

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