High Stakes Poker Season 7 Episode 6

Posted: October 5th, 2012

Episode Summary

High Stakes Poker Season 7 Episode 6 switches up the action with seven new players (and a returning, stuck Barry Greenstein) chomping at the bit to try and catch Antonio Esfandiari's nearly $400,000 haul. The Unabomber and "Bob" Voulgaris do a lot of talking, but fireworks develop between the 2010 WSOP Main Event Champion Jonathan Duhamel and savvy businessman Julian Movsesian. Who walks away from the encounter and the episode stuck over six figures? That and much more poker action with Mike Baxter, the entertaining Bill Perkins, and the PokerStars phenom Jason Mercier awaits you on this episode of High Stakes Poker.

Watch the Full Episode (S7E6)

(Starting with seat 1 and going in order)

  • "Bob" Voulgaris- High stakes sports bettor and high stakes poker player.
  • Phil Laak- The "Unibomber," one of the most quirky and talkative HSP players.
  • Mike Baxter- "Silent" Mike, recreational high stakes cash game player.
  • Jonathan Duhamel- 2010 WSOP Main Event Champion.
  • Jason Mercier- 2009 Bluff Magazine Player of the Year.
  • Julian Movsesian- President of Capital Management Strategies, recreational poker player.
  • Bill Perkins- Loud, brash and super active recreational poker player.
  • Barry Greenstein- The only player from session 1 to continue playing on through the second session, though more players will return later in the year.

Fun Fact

"Bob" Voulgaris is a well renowned high stakes gambler, but his passion for high stakes sports betting has garnered him just as much media spotlight as his poker playing has, including regular columns for and visits to ESPN to discuss how his stat geekery has made him one of the most dangerous sports bettors in the world.

The extensive databases and pools of talent he uses to make his sports bets rivals what some full NBA teams have at their disposal; quite a diversion from your typical degenerate gambler; which a lot of professional poker players have to deal with on the side. Voulgaris, on the other hand, is as cautious and informed a gambler as you'll ever find, both on the betting lines and at the poker tables.

Most Notable Hand

It was only a matter of time before High Stakes Poker Season 7 Episode 6 had its first six figure pot, and it was a cooler of a hand. Mike Baxter opened the action in a straddled pot to $4,500 with a pair of fours, getting called by Jonathan Duhamel on the button with a suited ace-five of clubs and Julian Movsesian with a raggedy nine-seven offsuit in the small blind. Bill Perkins, the straddler, somewhat shockingly (for him) folded a king-deuce offsuit. 

The flop was big for two players; queen-seven-four, two clubs, giving Baxter a set and Duhamel the nut flush draw. Movsesian checked, prompting Baxter to fire a healthy $11,000 into the $16,000+ pot, getting only Duhamel to call. The turn was gin for Duhamel, though, as the jack of clubs fell off, and Baxter checked, prompting Duhamel to bet $17,600 with the nuts. Baxter called, looking for the board to pair, but the harmless three of diamonds fell on the river, earning another check from Baxter and a chunky $33,500 bet from Duhamel with the nuts. 

Baxter hemmed and hawed for a bit before ultimately paying Duhamel off, and the $140,500 pot was shipped Duhamel's way.

Big Winners/Losers (Episode)

  • Duhamel- +$75,800
  • Mercier- +$37,900
  • Baxter- (-$31,400)
  • Movsesian- (-$109,800)

Big Winners/Losers (Overall)

  • Antonio Esfandiari- +$384,200
  • Phil Ruffin- +$336,200
  • Robert Croak- (-$200,000)
  • Bill Klein- (-$476,600)

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