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Posted: July 29th, 2013

Despite being the second most widely used operating system, online poker players who have chosen MAC over Windows have historically found the pickings very slim when it comes to high-quality online poker options, with providers focusing on their Windows users.

Until recently, poker rooms didn’t feel like spending the time and energy (and of course the money) on a MAC version of their software, but that is starting to change now that MAC usage has increased in recent years.

In this column I’ll take a look at MAC poker over the years - but first, let's detail some of the no deposit / free bankroll online poker rooms that offer fully-functioning software for MAC users

bwin Poker $50 No Deposit Bankroll

Not available to players from the United States.

bwinPoker bankroll

After their partnership with Party Poker was finalized in March of 2011 the new mega-gaming-company was formed, and since then bWin poker players have been migrated to the Party Poker platform --from the OnGame Network which was sold by as the network was considered redundant. As part of Party Poker bWin Poker added a MAC version of their software, something Party Poker first did back in October of 2011.

bWin is one of the most respected names in online sports-betting, and now with the highly respected Party Poker brand attached to their online poker games the site is one of the best options for online poker players. With average traffic rivaling virtually any online poker room other than PokerStars, bWin’s poker room has a great selection of games, stakes, and promotions to choose from.

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Sky Poker (£10 No Deposit Bankroll)

Not available to players from the United States.
Sky Poker

Sky doesn't have a formal mobile client, but they do offer a web-based version of their poker room that can be used by many Android devices, especially tablets.

It may take a bit of playing around, but with a little effort you'll be able to be playing at one of the UK's most popular online poker rooms on your Android device - all without making any deposit.

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Times have changed for Mac online poker players

In the not so distant past, when few if any online poker sites offered MAC software, MAC users would have to do one of three things to play online poker:

  • Find a site that offered a lower-functioning Java/Flash version
  • Download the Windows version through the use of an emulator
  • Double boot their PC and run both Windows and MAC operating systems at the same time

Fortunately winds are a changing, and in 2013 Apple’s MAC operating system is not only the second most widely used on PC’s (with Linux a distant third), but over the past few years the MAC OS has been slowly closing the gap on the #1 operating system, Windows. MAC OS is now running on roughly 7% of Personal Computers – and of course Apple’s iOS dominates the mobile market with 57% of users choosing Apple operating systems for their Smartphone or tablet.

Additionally, the MAC demographics are likely to be even higher in the poker community, as MAC’s are known for their security and virus-fighting abilities; a highly coveted feature amongst online poker players.

So it wouldn’t be surprising to see MAC usage among poker players at 10% or possibly even higher. And this data is not lost on online poker rooms --many of which have realized that one out of ten of their customers is playing on a MAC-- made a concerted effort in recent years to create fully downloadable MAC versions of their software that rival their Windows software.

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