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Posted: July 22nd, 2013

As the entire world becomes more “unplugged” the emphasis and focus for online poker rooms in recent years has been to create viable real-money mobile apps that will allow players to participate in online poker games without having to sit down at their home computer or lug around a cumbersome laptop.

In 2013 people want things immediately, and nothing offers this faster or better than mobile devices like a smartphone or a tablet.

Because of this, forward-looking sites have already started releasing mobile clients. So with that in mind, in this article I’ll take a look at mobile online poker and examine the best no deposit poker rooms that offer mobile apps.




It seemed like it wasn’t very long ago that online poker of any kind was considered cutting edge technology (considering the first real-money online poker room launched just 15 years ago), but with the breakneck speed that technology jumps are made nowadays it’s only a matter of time before PC poker is a thing of the past, and mobile poker is the mainstream option of most players.

Because of new developments and innovations in the online gaming industry, along with availability of 4G Internet almost anywhere, we are already starting to see a mobile online poker centric world become a reality, as more and more players are now able to fire up an online poker game while on the train to work, or while sitting in a restaurant waiting for their order, or virtually anywhere else they can pull out their smartphone or tablet.

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