Mobile Poker Client Review: Full Tilt Poker Rush Poker

Posted: January 5th, 2014

Full Tilt Mobile Rush Poker ReviewThe Full Tilt Poker brand was recently bought out by PokerStars and as such, I am not entirely sure how long this app will last in its current format.

While the Full Tilt Poker brand name may have some drawing power,  it seems likely that PokerStars may want to revamp this app to bring it more in line with their own PokerStars app.

This game is a typical 2D Poker app, where players can join and play either for real cash by making a deposit with their credit or debit card, via a single form of online payment system, or they can opt to play for play cash.

For the purposes of this review, we have reviewed the real cash game, although there is no discernible difference between either version.

We played on the app via an iPad and iPhone.

Full Tilt Poker mobile software at-a-glance

Device Support

Full  Tilt Poker Rush Poker is available on all iOS 5.0 devices or higher. This means you can play it on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch provided that the software is iOS 5 or greater on that device.

At the time of writing, there is no available Full Tilt Poker Rush app available for Android.

This is because the company were not able to port over the old Flash app for Android. A Full Tilt spokesman said that an Android app release is “still a good number of months off." That was back in May 2013 and as yet, there is still no sign of an Android App.  


Originally, the Full Tilt Poker Rush software was only available as a web-app, which meant that you had to use your browser to navigate to the site and then create a link to it in order to store it on your Apple device and use it like an app.

Now though, the company have, wisely, released an app which you can now download from the App Store which gives you access to the site.

Games Available

There is only one type of game available, Rush Poker, which is a the same type of game as speed poker or zoom poker as played on other sites.

This is the game where as soon as you fold a hand, you are moved to a fresh table and dealt new cards immediately to ensure the game is played at a quicker pace.

Any Other Software Restrictions

None other than those listed above.

Full Tilt Poker Mobile – overview

Full Tilt Rush Poker iPhoneThe Full Tilt Rush Poker app was originally available before Black Friday but was taken down from the web on that day.

Since then, PokerStars have acquired the rights to the Full Tilt brand name and in May this year, the Full Tilt Rush Poker app made its return.

Blink, however, and you will have missed it.

In their wisdom, or lack of it, the decision-makers at Full Tilt decided that rather than develop the game as a standalone app, they would make it a web-based game, which users need to navigate to through their browser.

As such, many poker players, myself included, did not even know that the Full Tilt Rush Poker mobile game was available for people to play.

This marketing masterstroke was eventually rectified when an app was developed and added to the App Store, allowing many more people to find and use the app who had not played the game before.

The first thing to note here is that unless you have an Apple device capable of running iOS 5 or better, then you won’t be able to play the app. Currently, there is no Android app equivalent available (though one is due) and there is seemingly no likelihood of other versions of the app for devices like BlackBerry, Nokia or Windows machines.

Full Tilt Rush Poker on iPadOnce you’ve located the app and downloaded, installation is quick and signing up for the site is painless, however once you have signed up you now hit the next dilemma.

If you sign up to play via your desktop, then you can receive  a 100% Full Tilt Poker deposit bonus when you make a deposit into your account.

This is great and welcome news.

However, if you sign up from your mobile device then you do not receive the deposit bonus.

What a spectacularly flawed idea this is – create an app designed for mobile users and then deny them one of the biggest incentives to play via mobile that the site offers.

You can work around this by logging in online and depositing your money via your desktop, but why should mobile users be penalised for wanting to use the app as it has been designed to be used?

It is staggeringly poor design and to be fair to Full Tilt, they are not the only poker room providers that do this.

Moving on to the game options, it really is a case of the lack of them. Users can opt to play for real money or play money and in either case you have a choice of two games: Rush No Limit’s Hold’em and Rush Pot Limit Omaha.

You can play each of these games for varying stakes which range from $0.01/$0.02 up to $2/$4 for No Limit real cash rush games, or from $0.02/$0.05 to $1/$2 for Pot Limit Omaha Rush games.

There are no other poker games available to choose from. No Sit & Go games, other cash tables that are not Rush Poker-based, no MTT’s. It is simply one form of Rush Poker or another.

Mobile Poker Review Full Tilt RushNow Rush Poker certainly has its place in the online world. It is certainly ideal for those who want to play lots of hands in a short space of time and for lovers of faster paced games, it can be a good option to play.

However, for traditionalists, Rush Poker, or its variations, just lacks a certain appeal. Certain key aspects of the real game of poker (understanding your opponents, working a table, strategic elements, the psychology of the game) are all pretty much eliminated.

So while Rush Poker certainly fills a niche hole for poker fans, it is by no means an accurate representation of the game.

To be fair, Full Tilt Poker’s app doesn’t pretend that it is, but the lack of genuine poker games on the app means that it only has limited initial appeal and certainly a shorter shelf-life than other poker apps which do offer more variety in their poker offerings.

Graphically, the app is nothing special with it appearing that there has been little development work on the app since it was withdrawn for download on Black Friday. The graphics aren’t bad and they perform the job they need to, but they are not the most spectacular.

There are other little niggles too, for example mobile users have a choice of only three ways to pay (yet on the website, you can pay via a much greater number of methods).

Full Tilt Rush Poker does what it says on the tin. It is a rush poker app, a basic one and by the looks of it, a somewhat rushed-to-the-market one. This is a pity as given the draw of the Full Tilt brand, many of their customers, and certainly new customers like myself, were expecting a great deal more from the app.

Full Tilt Poker Mobile – the positive points

Play Full Tilt Poker MobileThere are some good points about Full Tilt’s Rush Poker app and I’ve summarised these below:

  • Now that the app is available via the App Store, its is much easier to find and as such, more people should at least try the app out.

  • Signing up is quick and easy, certainly quicker than on some other poker sites.

  • There may only be a few options, but you tend to not have to wait too long to be seated at a table that matches your search criteria.

  • If you like Rush Poker, then Full Tilt Rush Poker certainly does this job well. It is quick, perhaps one of the quickest versions of ‘speed’ poker I have reviewed, so on that score, it does perform well.

  • Payouts are sorted quickly and your balance updated almost instantaneously.

Full Tilt Poker Mobile – the negative points

Unfortunately, while Full Tilt Rush Poker does have a few good points, these are somewhat outweighed by its many failings. I have listed some of the more obvious and annoying aspects of the app below.

  • Not offering the introductory offer to mobile players and only giving it to them if they deposit cash via a desktop, undermines the very reason for developing an app in the first place. Why develop a mobile app, for mobile users, if you are then only going to reward those who play via a desktop? Surely if you want an app to become popular you should offer the same incentives and rewards to mobile players?

  • The lack of other poker options (Cash tables, MTTs and Sit & Go’s) severly impacts the appeal of this app. Unless you love Speed poker, then there’s nothing here for you.

  • The lack of payment options (just three) is extremely annoying. You cannot pay by E-Wallet, only Paysafecard, Credit or Debit card. That, in the modern digital world, isn’t good enough.

  • The app looks and feels rushed and dated, most probably because it is.  No development work to improve the app seems to have been made since it was taken from the download stores on Black Friday.

  • After playing for a while, you get the impression that PokerStars only gave the thumbs up to release this to try and eke more money out of people loyal to the Full Tilt brand (which they now own).

Full Tilt Poker Mobile – the conclusion – 2/10

If you like Rush Poker and that is your favourite (and only) reason for playing poker via your mobile and you don’t mind having to sign up on your PC to deposit your cash to qualify for the introductory offer, then Full Tilt Rush Poker is worth downloading.

Full Tilt Poker for iOS AppleIn terms of speed, the actual poker game is one of the best available. That is where it earns its two points for this review.

Unfortunately, though, this Poker app smacks of being a rush-release.

The lack of gaming options for poker players who do not want to play the Rush version of the game greatly diminishes its initial and long-term appeal.

The lack of payment options just seems lazy, especially when other apps offer a vast number of ways to pay securely over the Internet.

The fact that the Android version is still not available (after seven months) seems to indicate that PokerStars seem to be focusing on their own far better poker app, and simply milking the last few dregs of cash from players loyal to the Full Tilt brand name.

The fact that mobile players cannot access the introductory offer is more than just an oversight, it is unforgiveable. It undermines the entire point of creating an app for a mobile audience, if you are only going to reward them if they pay via a desktop PC.

As such, if you must play Full Tilt Poker and only want to play Rush Poker and don’t mind missing out on a 100% bonus on your first deposit, then download the app. Otherwise, check out any of the others reviewed on these pages as they all offer a much, much better poker experience.


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