Full Tilt Mobile Poker App Updated and Paddy Power Hacked

Posted: August 7th, 2014

Full Tilt mobile app updateSome disturbing news this week from Paddy Power who have notified almost 650,000 of its customers that they were subject to a breach of their data...way back in 2010.

We’ll take a look at this somewhat worrying story in more detail below. But first, some better news from Full Tilt, who fresh from being taken over by Amaya Gaming Group have already seen some major changes to its mobile gambling app and changes that are very much for the better.

Full Tilt mobile app adds sit and go and jackpot games

Full Tilt may be dropping the ‘poker’ side of its name to incorporate casino and sports betting gambling platforms as part of Amaya Gaming Group Inc’s $4.9bn takeover, but the good news is that this means no lessening of quality in terms of the poker product on offer.

Indeed, it was something of a pleasure to revisit the Full Tilt mobile site this week after reviewing the site not so long ago, to discover that in the meantime, it had been given a considerable revamp and that three key new types of poker game had been added to its original Rush games.

The new games available via the Full Tilt app are cash table games, sit & go games and jackpot games. There are a number of different cash tables available, which suits the pockets of most types of casual player, right up to those who like to play for the added spice of bigger pots. There are a wide range of sit & go games available, for small, medium and higher stakes with a range of speeds available making it ideally suited to the mobile user for whom time may be of the essence.

Most exciting though is the inclusion of jackpot poker on the app. This is another version of “twister” poker where a player can buy in for $1, $2, $5 or $10 and play for a prize of anywhere between double their stake up to 1,000 times their stake against two other players, winner takes all.

This is a great addition to the Full Tilt app as this game is particularly well suited to the mobile poker market and at the time of writing only one other app (Winamax) offers a mobile version of this popular type of poker.

We are expecting that the Full Tilt app will see significant further upgrades in the coming months as Amaya get to grips with its software and adds multiple other gambling platforms to the Full Tilt brand name, including casino games and sports betting.

However, we are hopeful that these new developments will mean the company will continue to invest in its poker app, as much as develop newer platforms to co-exist alongside it under the Full Tilt brand. The Full Tilt updated app is downloadable from the App Store.

Or you could try Full Tilt's sister site, PokerStars. Right now everyone who is new to the site qualifies for a $20 free PokerStars poker bankroll.

Paddy Power database hacked, 650,000 pre-2010 customers affected

Worrying, if a little confusing, news this week from Paddy Power where it emerged that almost 650,000 accounts at the company have been hacked, although the company were at pains to point out that no financial information of the accounts hacked was compromised.

The most unusual aspect about this story is that while Paddy Power informed customers affected only last week of the breach, it has been confirmed that the cyber-attack took place way back in 2010. This means that any Paddy Power customer who registered with the site post the attack in 2010 has not had their data compromised.

However, 649,055 customers were notified last week that their account had been subject to what it termed a "historical data breach."

Perhaps more confusingly is the timing of the release, coming almost four years after the breach took place. Many customers may indeed be wondering why they are only being notified now that their personal details, including their user name, address, email address, contact number, date of birth, and security question and answer were compromised.

Paddy Power claimed, in their press release, that they only discovered the breach a few months previously, but according to other sources, there are reports that they have known about the breach for many years. The release revealed that an internal investigation by Paddy Power revealed that no customer accounts were adversely affected by the hack and that the company had worked alongside Ontario Provincial Police and the Irish Office of the Data Protection Commissioner on the issue.

The hardware and the breached data has now been recovered. Paddy Power have notified those affected by email and have advised them to change their email address, security question and answer to limit the likelihood of an outsider gaining access to your account.

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