Season 7 of High Stakes Poker: Episode 8

Posted: October 5th, 2012

Episode Summary

High Stakes Poker Season 7 Episode 8 is an episode filled with action and drama, as one pro breaks from his characteristic mold and goes a bit...batty, losing nearly $200,000 for the episode, almost entirely to the amateurs. Julian Movsesian finally gets off the pine and makes a super quick all-in on the turn of a big hand; does he get called? Bill Perkins finally gets himself back in the positive direction; can he crack anywhere close to even for the session today? And Phil Laak gets himself into a nasty spot with the super tight "Bob" Voulgaris. 

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(Starting with seat 1 and going in order)

  • "Bob" Voulgaris- High stakes sports bettor and high stakes poker player.
  • Phil Laak-  The "other half" of famous poker player and actress Jennifer Tilly.
  • Mike Baxter- "Silent" Mike, recreational high stakes cash game player.
  • Jonathan Duhamel- Recently robbed of cash and his 2012 WSOP Main Event bracelet by his ex-girlfriend.
  • Jason Mercier-  Busted to Phil Ivey on his last appearance on HSP after attempting to run a bluff on him.
  • Julian Movsesian- President of Capital Management Strategies, recreational poker player.
  • Bill Perkins- Loud, brash and super active recreational poker player.
  • Barry Greenstein- One of the longest tenured PokerStars Pros.

Fun Fact

A few questions that have popped up in viewer's minds while watching episodes of High Stakes Poker include "Man, just how much are these guys being compensated for being on the show?" According to Daniel Negreanu in 2006, on his forum, the players were actually paid $1,250 per hour for being on the show that year; up to $30,000 if you played the entire 24 hour session. 

There is also no rake, and the dealers can take tokes if offered (that's why many previous seasons had players with columns of red chips that never entered pots, those were $5 tipping chips) but no other fees are taken out of the table. A no rake, private table where you're paid a handsome sum to play poker? No wonder these guys love to play on High Stakes Poker.

Most Notable Hand

The eighth episode of High Stakes Poker's seventh season could've been titled "Kill Barry" as he took turns bleeding chips all over the place. But the hand that crippled him the most was an uncharacteristic one for the Robin Hood of poker. Barry Greenstein opened the action UTG for $3,000 with the king-queen of spades, forcing "Bob" Voulgaris to make a semi-nitty fold of his ace-ten offsuit. Greenstein found callers in Phil Laak with the jack-ten offsuit and Mike Baxter with the ace-four of diamonds. 

The flop was a disaster for Barry; queen-four-four, two hearts, and Barry led out for $5,000 into the $11,000 pot. Laak folded, and Baxter quickly raised to $15,000, a bet Greenstein called quickly as well. The eight of clubs fell on the turn, putting a second flush draw out, and Greenstein checked to Baxter, who fired a chunky bet of $35,000 into the $41,000 pot. After a brief pause, Greenstein called, which took us to the river; a jack of diamonds that bricked both flush draws. Greenstein checked and Baxter fired the third barrel, another hefty bet of $75,000 into the $111,000 pot. 

Barry exclaimed that the jack was "the second worst card in the deck for him" and for a moment, it looked like Greenstein was going to get away from the hand; his top pair hand had been reduced to a bluff catcher by the river. But Greenstein finally decided to call, and Baxter took down a mammoth $261,000 thanks to a rare misstep by Greenstein.

Big Winners/Losers (Episode)

  • Baxter- $246,100
  • Perkins- $96.800
  • Laak (-$79,400)
  • Greenstein- (-$184,300)

Big Winners/Losers (Overall)

  • Antonio Esfandiari- $384,200
  • Phil Ruffin- $336,200
  • Barry Greenstein (-$297,100)
  • Bill Klein- (-$476,600)

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