High Stakes Poker Season 7 Episode 3

Posted: October 5th, 2012

Episode Summary

New blood enters the game in episode three of the seventh season of High Stakes Poker, but not without our first casualty of the season; a player gets felted in an over quarter million dollar pot. Plus, the brash young lady Vanessa Selbst clashes with the living legend Doyle Brunson in multiple pots, and Antonio Esfandiari keeps his bag of tricks working in sniffing out bluffs.

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(Starting with seat 1 and going in order)

  • Doyle Brunson- The "Godfather" of poker, author of Super System.
  • Vanessa Selbst- Two Time WSOP Bracelet Winner, including a win in 2012.
  • Barry Greenstein- The "Robin Hood" of poker, author of "Ace On The RIver" and high stakes specialist.
  • Antonio Esfandiari- "The Magician," winner of the WSOP 2012 Big One For One Drop $1,000,000 tournament.
  • Robert Croak- Inventor of Silly Bandz, millionaire investor in a variety of companies.
  • Phil Ruffin- Billionaire owner of Treasure Island Casino, along with hotels and Trump International Tower.
  • Bill Klein- Billionaire philanthropist and recreational poker player.
  • David "Viffer" Peat- High stakes poker degenerate, die hard Lakers fan.
  • *NEW* Andrew Robl- "good2cu" online, high stakes cash game specialist.

Fun Fact

Andrew Robl enters the game in the third episode of the seventh season of High Stakes Poker, but lucky for the viewer, the true time he takes in making decisions isn't featured on the show. He is notorious for being a slow, plodding player in brick and mortar games; to the point that Tony G famously raged out against him during an episode of The Big Game, calling the clock on him two separate times during his 150 hand session!

Most Notable Hand 

Episode 3 of the seventh season of High Stakes Poker had the first felt 'n' go (A player that gets felted and doesn't rebuy) of the season. The hand in question started when Esfandiari opened under the gun plus one with the ten-eight of clubs for $2,500. He got three callers; Croak next to act with the ace-jack offsuit, Ruffin right behind him with queen-ten offsuit, and Selbst in the big blind with a somewhat motley eight-six offsuit. 

The flop was a monster for two players; ace-jack-king rainbow, giving Croak two pair and Ruffin a straight. After an Esfandiari check, Croak led $6,500 into the $11,200 pot, which Ruffin deceptively smooth called. The other two dropped out, and the eight of hearts fell on the turn, putting a flush draw on the board. Croak fired a second barrel of $11,000 into the $24,200 pot, and Ruffin sprang the trap and made it $50,000 to go. Croak tanked for a few moments before deciding to go with his two pair, moving all-in for a total of $121,900, which was snap called by Ruffin. 

Croak tried to get Ruffin to run it twice, but Ruffin only wanted to run it once with his 91% hand. The river was the seven of spades, felting Croak and extending Ruffin's profit margins even further.

Big Winners/Losers (Episode)

  • Ruffin- $86,800
  • Peat- $78,100
  • Klein- (-$77,600)
  • Croak- (-$120,900)

Big Winners/Losers (Overall)

  • Esfandiari- $461,000
  • Ruffin- $416,200
  • Croak- (-$200,000)
  • Klein- (-$439,800)

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