High Stakes Poker: Episode 7 of Season 7

Posted: October 5th, 2012

Episode Summary

The action takes off during High Stakes Poker Season 7 Episode 7, as pots get furious and inflated in a hurry. Barry Greenstein makes a six figure bet preflop, while "Bob" Voulgaris gets tangled up with Bill Perkins once again; will the results be the same? Plus, more Phil Laak-isms, players attempting to pay to see hole cards, and Jason Mercier attempting to pull an impressive bluff off on Jonathan Duhamel; is over $70,000 enough to get Duhamel to fold second pair against the tricky and aggressive pro?

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(Starting with seat 1 and going in order)

  • "Bob" Voulgaris- High stakes sports bettor and high stakes poker player.
  • Phil Laak-  Was partners with Antonio Esfandiari on the show "I Bet You" on MOJO.
  • Mike Baxter- "Silent" Mike, recreational high stakes cash game player.
  • Jonathan Duhamel- Decorated PokerStars pro and 2012 WSOP Main Event Champ.
  • Jason Mercier-  Holds 2 WSOP bracelets and 1 EPT title.
  • Julian Movsesian- President of Capital Management Strategies, recreational poker player.
  • Bill Perkins- Loud, brash and super active recreational poker player.
  • Barry Greenstein- Gives away a signed copy of his book "Ace On The River" after every tournament he busts out in.

Fun Fact

Phil Laak is an established high stakes poker pro, who has played marathon sessions of cash poker, including a Guinness World Record 110 hour poker session. However, playing staggering long periods of time can have repercussions. While playing another marathon session during the Party Poker Big Game VI, Laak got all in preflop with ace-six against the ace-king of hearts of Andy Moseley. Laak actually made a pair of sixes and the best hand, but Laak never exposed his hand and simply mucked when Moseley exposed his ace-king high, awarding Moseley a 63,750 Euro pot while having the worst hand! C'mon, Phil; sleep before playing for hundreds of thousands of dollars isn't a bad thing...right?

Most Notable Hand

There were a lot of intriguing hands in the seventh episode of High Stakes Poker Season 7, including Voulgaris "Jedi Mind Tricking" his way into stacking Perkins with aces, but a hand between young guns Mercier and Duhamel takes the cake in terms of intrigue and action. Perkins had straddled the action to $1,600, and Duhamel opened to $4,200 with the ten-nine of spades, and Mercier responded with a 3-bet from the small blind to $11,800 with a somewhat motley jack-nine offsuit. Perkins got out of the way and Duhamel called. 

The flop was good for both players; ten-eight-deuce, rainbow, giving Duhamel top pair and Mercier an open ended straight draw and an overcard. Mercier led out for $14,800 with his draw, and Duhamel called. The turn was a three of diamonds, bringing a backdoor flush draw out, and Mercier fired $36,300 on a second barrel. Duhamel called, which brought the ace of spades on the river. After a short tank, Mercier verbally declared his bet; "Seventy one." 

A $71,000 bet in front of him, Duhamel tanked for a short time before finally deciding his ten was no good and folded, mucking the best hand! The other players clamored to see his hand, but he refused, stacking up the $129,000 pot with nothing but air and heart.

Big Winners/Losers (Episode)

  • Movsesian- +$156,900
  • Voulgaris- +$123,200
  • Duhamel- (-$70,100)
  • Perkins- (-$349,600)

Big Winners/Losers (Overall)

  • Antonio Esfandiari- +$384,200
  • Phil Ruffin- +$336,200
  • Perkins- (-$349,600)
  • Bill Klein- (-$476,600)

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