Leigh Wiltshire Wins Sky Poker’s £500,000 UK 6-Max

Posted: August 30th, 2014

Polk Negreanu PokerStarsThere’s big news in the world of poker where some comments by PokerStars professional and one of the most famous tournament players in the world, Daniel Negreanu, has caused one of the best and most respected cash game players, Doug Polk, to issue a challenge to the Las Vegas-based Canadian.

But first, after months of big Sky Poker promotion, the Sky Poker inaugural UK six-max event, with a guaranteed prize fund of £500,000, was contested at the Dusk ‘Til Dawn Casino in Nottingham and one lucky player walked away with the top prize of £110,000. Find out more below.

Sky Poker’s £500,000 UK six-max winner is Leigh Wiltshire

With 500 finalists reaching the final tournament at the Dusk ‘til Dawn Casino in Nottingham, the pressure was on those competing in the 2014 Sky Poker Six Max Poker Championships. While there were several other events, including several qualifiers for the main event, over five days of exhausting and first rate poker competition, it was professional Leigh Wiltshire who emerged as the champion.

After several days of play, the 500-strong field was whittled down to just six finalists. Chip leader at the final table was Abhishek Khaitan with a massive $11.78m worth of chips, more than double that of the second placed chip holder Andy Young who had $4.54m.

Stephen Devlin had $4m, Leigh Wiltshire $2.08m, Paul Haycock $1.95m and Neil Strike was short-stacked at the final table with $675,000 worth of chips. One by one they all fell by the wayside until just Wiltshire and Khaitan were left, but by this point, Wiltshire had increased his stack considerably to $18m, with Khaitan now holding $7m.

Three hours of play passed before Khaitan went all-in with a pair of tens, which was called by Wiltshire’s King Queen, with two kings and a queen plus a four and six in the five community cards. Wiltshire claimed the tournament’s top prize of £110,000 for his victory, with Khaitan earning £70,000 for his second place finish. Devlin, who finished third earned £40,000, Andy Young £27,500, Neil Strike £20,000 and six-placed Paul Haycock £16,000.

After his victory, Wiltshire was quick to head onto his Twitter account, tweeting:

Wiltshire has now won around $203,774 in live tournaments in his poker career thus far. The marathon festival of poker was considered to be a huge success for both Sky Poker and Rob Yong’s Dusk til Dawn Casino and the likelihood is that this brand new event on the UK Poker scene will make a return in 2015, with Wiltshire more than likely to defend his new crown.

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Doug Polk challenges Daniel Negreanu to $25/$50 online cash game

PokerStars professional Daniel Negreanu isn’t one to lack confidence and when asked recently if he thought he could start playing in $25/$50 six max no limit cash games online, the Canadian replied, “I believe it would take two weeks of work and [then] I would be a winner.”

Negreanu’s somewhat nonchalant response certainly raised a few eyebrows, especially amongst those who are seasoned cash game exponents who felt that Negreanu’s appraisal was somewhat optimistic and perhaps didn’t fully appreciate the subtle, and not so subtle, differences between tournament poker and big money online cash table play.

So much so that WCGRider, better known as online cash table guru Doug Polk, became embroiled in the argument via Twitter, stating to Negreanu, “I respect what you have done in your career, but it’s naive to think you can just log on to PokerStars and beat $25/$50.”

When interviewed in Barcelona as he attended the European Poker Tour festival, Polk laid down the gauntlet to the Canadian, stating:

“I am challenging Negreanu. We have to set some exact terms and I don’t want ot to be like ‘I challenge to whatever he says’ but if we can get a bet in place where he has to play $25/$50 on PokerStars over a reasonable sample, then yes, I would bet Negreanu.”

Following the interview, Negreanu responded in an interview of his own where he qualified his original statements, stating that he didn’t want to cause offence to the high stakes cash game players who play online. While Negreanu then explained why he has such confidence in himself and what he’d need to work on in his own poker game in order to be able to be competitive at $25/$50 online cash table games, he stopped short of accepting the challenge from Polk.

Part of the problem may well be Negreanu’s location. The Canadian currently resides in Las Vegas where real money online poker is legal but the player pool is incredibly small, and he feels it would take three months work, away from home in order for him to complete the challenge.

If the challenge is accepted, then no doubt, it would be one of the biggest series of cash games in modern times. Keep your eyes peeled here for any further developments.

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