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Posted: May 31st, 2013

While it's almost hard to believe now, Full Tilt Poker once had the one and only fast-fold poker client on the block.  With Rush Poker, Full Tilt not only ushered in the era of fast-fold, but also reigned absolutely unchallenged for an extended period of time.

Today, of course, fast-fold is quickly becoming the rule and not the exception.  When you look down the list of rooms that offer fast-fold games, you'll find that the majority of the top 10 operators have launched their own Rush Poker-style option.  

Whether it's Zoom Poker at PokerStars or Speed Poker at iPoker, the mechanics remain more or less the same:  During a fast-fold game, players can "jump" from a hand immediately after folding and receive a new hand at an entirely new table, cutting out all of the tedium between deals.  

This bit of poker magic is possible thanks to the entirely dynamic nature of fast-fold; instead of sitting at a fixed seat at one of a number of fixed tables, players instead occupy something closer to a ball in a bingo spinner.  The room is constantly pulling those players out of the pool and creating new tables on the fly, an innovative structure that allows poker to be played faster than ever before.

bet365 Poker (€5 Free Bankroll) - Sprint Poker

Not available to players from the United States.
Bet365 free bankroll

One of the heavy-hitters on the iPoker Network, bet365 launched their fast-fold variant - Sprint Poker - in the summer of 2012. What started as a small beta has quickly grown into one of the most popular ways to play poker on the site, with new games and limits being rolled out on a regular basis.

Don't be confused by the name - Sprint Poker is the same as Speed Poker on other iPoker skins. iPoker rooms simply have the ability to brand the fast-fold game however they like.

Your no deposit bet365 bankroll can be used to play Sprint Poker - and, with the wide range of limits available to Sprint Poker players, you can really stretch your free bankroll at bet365 over quite a few sessions - or even run it up to something a good deal bigger.

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