Party Poker Release Special Edition Mobile App and German Poker Ace Given Jail Term for Cheating

Posted: July 28th, 2014

Few online poker companies have been as busy with their mobile offerings than Party Poker over the last few weeks. Fresh from releasing an updated mobile poker app which now includes sit & go games as part of their offering, the company have also put out a ‘Special Edition’ app aimed chiefly at smartphone users.

What is the secret of this new app? We’ll take a closer look at it in our second news story this week.

But first up, some unwelcome news from Germany where Turkish born German poker player Ali Tekintamgac was caught on film, and subsequently found guilty of, cheating at the poker tables.

Tekintamgac to serve prison sentence for cheating at poker tournaments

In 2010, Ali Tekintamgac was just another German poker player hoping to hit the big time on the World Poker Tour. Then in Barcelona, he surprised many when taking the top prize of €278,000 by winning the World Poker Tour Spanish Championship.

Later that year Tekintamgac was looking good in the Patrouche Poker Tour main event in Cannes, when he qualified for the final table and looked set for another big payday, only to be denied a seat at the table.

The reason: he was suspected of cheating and a quick review of the video showing Tekintamgac winning the WPT main event in Barcelona revealed precisely how the German ace had fraudulently cheated his way to success. Tekintamgac’s system was a particularly simple one but one that relied on multiple users.

He used members of the press, who were positioned strategically behind his opponents and who could see his opponents' hole cards using a camera, to relay information about his opponents’ hand strength to him via a special code.

To enable his scheme to succeed Tekintamgac used several accomplices, including several casino employees, to ensure his scam worked. Some of these fraudsters testified against Tekintamgac at the trial and the player himself pleaded guilty to cheating. One person involved in the scheme, Kadir Karabulut, as yet remains at large.

Authorities have been unable to track down the player who has also been accused of cheating via a similar method. Tekintamgac was arrested last September in connection with the case and in connection with the organisation of a number of illegal live poker games based in Hamburg. Augsburg district court sentenced Tekintamgac to three years and five months in prison for his part in the scheme.

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Party Poker develop special edition “one-handed” mobile app

If you are a Party Poker mobile player based in Austria, Ireland, Sweden or the UK, then you have a new option available to you. Party Poker have released a brand new ‘Special Edition’ app offering access to its popular “fastforward” poker game, with the new app specifically designed for players playing via mobile phone.

The good news is that the new app is available for iPhones and Android as it can be downloaded as an app from the App Store, or played via HTML5 in a web browser. The main difference between the Special Edition app and the existing Party Poker app (which itself has only recently undergone a major revamp) is that the new app focuses solely on the fastforward game and in particular is aimed at players who want to play poker on a mobile device, probably with a single hand.

Instead of having to click buttons on the screen, players can now make key decisions, fold hands, raise bets and more by swiping across the screen.  They can double tap the screen to check and tap the pot to open a range of betting options. Explaining their reasoning for developing the game, a Party Poker blog post stated that the new app had been designed “specifically for mobile handset users” and that “the game is the same but HOW you play is nothing at all like on other mobile poker games."

“While the main partypoker app also enables you to play fastforward games, we believe this special edition enhances the experience. The controls are more interactive and using just one hand is more practical,” the company said.

Currently, the app is still in the beta stage of development, so users of the app are encouraged to provide Party Poker with their feedback about the app. The new app is simply the latest stage of a run of new developments for their mobile poker offering, following hot on the heels of an update which gave Party Poker mobile customers the chance to play sit & go games for the first time on mobile last week.


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