Lies Poker Players Tell, PokerStars New Policy on Banned Players, and More

Posted: February 5th, 2014

Lies Poker Players Tell

We have an interesting assortment of stories to get to this week, starting off with a comical but all too true column by Lee Davy.

Davy’s latest musings on the poker world appeared in the PartyPoker blog, where Lee spills the beans on the biggest lies poker players tell.

We’ll also get you caught up on Gus Hansen’s online struggles at Full Tilt Poker; a new policy at PokerStars that should have multi-accounters and colluders shaking in their boots (do cheaters wear boots when they play online poker?); as well as the latest no deposit bankroll offers from around the online poker industry.

You’ll find all of these stories and a whole lot more below.

Lies… lies, lies, lies

While it’s frowned upon in polite society, one of the most important qualities a poker player can possess is the ability to tell a good lie.

Every bluff is a lie.

Hell, every single bet is pretty much a lie to get the opposition to do precisely what you want.

But the types of lies Lee Davy is talking about in his latest PartyPoker blog post are on a different level. These aren’t lies to prosper in a poker game, instead Lee offers up 11 common lies poker players tell for basically no reason whatsoever – well maybe to save a little face.

Give Lee’s choices a read through and let me know what lies you think he missed.

The one I didn’t see listed was, “I had it,” when their opponent folds to their bet on the river – which is usually done while they are mucking their cards and is almost certainly a tell that they DID NOT “have it.”

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PokerStars gives players another reason to mind their P’s and Q’s

It doesn’t seem like a very novel idea, but PokerStars is the first online poker room that has publicly announced it will ban players from their live tournaments if they are banned on PokerStars.

So players who are regular participants in any of PokerStars live tours will need to keep their nose clean and mind their P’s and Q’s while they are playing online from here on out –not that they shouldn’t have been all along mind you. has a terrific breakdown of the new policy, spurred on by a player petition calling on PokerStars to crack down on online cheating, and to be honest this is a move that is long overdue: Players who cheat in one arena need to face stiff consequences industry-wide.

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You had a bad day

I know, I know, now you have THAT song that was on endless repeat a couple years ago running through your head, but if your name was Gus Hansen you would likely welcome a catchy tune (even if you can’t get it out of your head no matter what you do!) compared to the misery the Great Dane has been going through at the online poker tables over the past couple years. has Gus down over $16 million in his Full Tilt Poker career - spanning back to 2006 - and down some $12 million since Full Tilt Poker came back online in late 2012. I know Gus is getting paid as a Team Pro at the site, but I’m pretty sure Full Tilt poker doesn’t pay that well.

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