Former Soccer Ace Wins WPT National in Marbella & PokerStars Addresses Heartbleed Bug issue

Posted: April 14th, 2014

PokerStars Heart Bleed ResponseAs always, it’s been a busy week in the world of online poker and this week PokerStars addressed growing concerns that some people were having about the security of their data due to the Heartbleed Bug which affected versions of OpenSSL.

But first up this week is one lucky poker star who has made a new career for himself after enjoying another career, as a professional footballer in the English league, after winning a WPT Main Event

Watts going down? Former soccer ace wins World Poker Tour National Marbella Main Event

For Steve Watts, his win in the WPT Marbella Main Event meant more to him than winning the €31,000 top prize, it was vindication that he is going to be as successful in his new career as he was in his previous.

Watts was once the darling of the Leyton Orient fans, signing for the club from non-league Fisher Athletic in 1998, he played for The ‘O’s for five years, scoring 29 goals in 132 league appearances for the team.

After 2002 though, his football career somewhat stalled and after travelling around the lower leagues and into non-league, reaching the age of 35, Watts decided to call it a day after three successful years at Sutton United.

Unlike many footballers, who seek a career in the game when they hang up their boots, Watts decided to try his luck at poker after winning a spot in the Poker Million tournament while still a player in 2008.

Last weekend, Watts vindicated that decision handsomely when he bullied his way to the WPT title in Marbella. Coming to the table as the big chip leader, Watts had his fair share of good fortune on his way towards taking home the top prize.

It was a deserving win, Watts took down six of his seven opponents at the table with his aggressive style to win the first prize comfortably.

Since turning pro, Watts has won $650,000 in live tournaments and is making a real go of his second competitive career.

PokerStars moves to reassure players after Heartbleed Bug rumours

The news that Open Secure Socket Layer (OpenSSL) technology had a potential flaw in it that could have been undetected for years was a shock to the system for countless companies that rely on this technology to secure their websites.

Many companies have advised users to change passwords to protect their data and it seems the poker world is not immune after PokerStars were moved to issue a statement on April 12 about the Heartbleed Bug.

The statement reveals that PokerStars (and their sister site Full Tilt) are “well aware of the vulnerability in OpenSSL” but that the company “can confirm that at no stage were our downloadable clients on either PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker any time”

PokerStars then revealed that all the key data that the company holds about a player and how it is transmitted between the player and the site remain fully secured and that was because the Full Tilt Poker software “did not use the affected versions of OpenSSL."

However the site did warn users that players using the play money version of the game on Facebook, could, theoretically at least, be vulnerable.

The company applied the fix within 24 hours of being notified of the problem and the site stated that the Facebook version “is no longer vulnerable and it is unlikely that anyone took advantage of the vulnerability in this situation.”

So, the good news for real cash players at Full Tilt and PokerStars was that your money and details were and remain safe from the Heartbleed Bug.

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