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Posted: November 15th, 2013

Bet365 Mobile Poker Room ReviewIn this second review for, we take a look at one of the most popular providers in the UK, Bet365 Poker and in particular focus on their recently released mobile app which allows users access to some of the features of the Bet365 Poker website.

How does this app compare to other poker apps readily available for UK-based players? Read on to find out

Access, compatibility and installation - 7/10

It is fair to say that while Bet365 promote their Mobile Poker client as being easy to access, the truth is that using the site from a browser on your mobile device - rather than simply as a downloadable app - does unnecessarily complicate matters initially.

It is far quicker to visit the App Store, download an app, install it and then click on it to access an app, than it is to load up your browser, navigate to the Bet365 Mobile Poker site, create your own shortcut from the home page onto your mobile device and then log in or register.

Fortunately, if you create a quick link to the site using your iPhone or iPad (which is relatively easy to do), you can then access the site in future as you would access an app. This does beg the question of why Bet365 did not do this in the first place, especially when this is how most iPhone and iPad users tend to access most of their apps anyway.

Another issue is compatibility, currently the Bet365 Mobile Poker client is only available for iPhone and iPad (it is compatible with the iOS7 update) but it is not compatible with Android, Nokia, Windows or BlackBerry devices as yet.

This is another problem as it means around 70% of the mobile device market are excluded at present, from being able to play Bet365 Mobile Poker.

Once you have got your shortcut on your iPhone and iPad sorted however, loading up the device is very quick and easy. It is just a shame that setting it up is so unnecessarily complicated, especially for users who may not be confident using new technology.  

Registration & depositing cash - 9/10

If you persevere with the unnecessarily complex installation of the software, then you will be rewarded.

Registering as a new user with the room is very simple to do and the site offers an outstanding bonus to new poker players.

When you sign up, you can get $5 free, plus up to $1,000 as a Bet365 Poker new player bonus when you join the site and make your first deposit.

Bet365 New Player Bonus

In addition, when you make your first deposit, you’ll receive a free tournament token for a €100 New Depositor Freeroll.

In this tournament, you’ll face off against other Bet365 newbies in order to try and win yourself a share of the guaranteed cash, to further boost your initial bankroll.

Both the registration process and depositing your cash is simple and easy. Once you have registered with the Bet365 Poker site, you can use the same log in to access all the other Bet365 sister sites (Sports Betting, Casino, Games and Bingo) from your mobile device.

The only reason the app doesn’t score full marks here is because to take advantage of your introductory offer, you have to enter a bonus code in the relevant box when you make a deposit. This is easy to miss if you are a relative newcomer to the site and unlike other sites, the bonus is not automatically applied when you make your first deposit.

It would be much easier if the bonus was automatically applied to the account, rather than making the new player enter a bonus code to access it.

Game choice - 7/10

When it comes to game choice, the Bet365 Mobile App is found wanting a little. The website version offers users a myriad of different cash tables, sit & go games and multi-table tournaments to play, however players expecting the same via the mobile app will be sorely disappointed.

Although it looks from the design of the app that this is still a work in progress and that Bet365 are likely to add features to it in the future, currently there are only two types of poker game available, both based on playing at a cash table.

Bet365 Mobile PokerThere are a number of cash table games available, including premium tables, which range from micro stakes games of $0.02/$0.04 up to $2/$4 stakes games for those who play with a bigger bankroll.

You can filter your selections to find the table you want and once you have done this you can click the Take Seat button to be seated automatically, or the Browse List button to select yourself which table to join.

The only other type of game available is Speed Poker where you can select from one of five games, differentiated by stake size, and then play this variant of the game where a new hand starts for you the moment you fold your existing hand.

This means that the Bet365 Mobile Poker app really only suits players who enjoy playing at cash tables, rather than in Sit & Go events or in MTTs.

The Speed Game addition is a good one however, as it does allow for very speedy games and keeps players involved in hands far more often than in a traditional game. This is particularly useful if you are playing for a short amount of time.

Overall though, for a poker site, the lack of MTTs and Sit and Go games really does impact how appealing this app will be to poker players in general.

Graphics & animations - 6/10

It is fair to say that the graphics and animations within the Bet365 Mobile Poker app are simple but effective.

Bet365’s default company colour is green and so this provides an appropriate backdrop for the green baize of a poker table.

Bet365 Poker iPhone iPadThe animations of the cards when playing at the table are fine and there are plenty of options to play the game.

You can select an avatar to represent you at the table from a wide selection (although annoyingly, these seem to have a habit of changing at times when you load back into the site) and there are plenty of options to customise the table to your own personal taste.

Yet you can’t help feeling that the graphics used are somewhat basic.

Certainly they allow the game to progress at a decent speed, which is always beneficial, but there is nothing particularly special about the graphics.

Financial transactions - 10/10

While the Bet365 Poker app may have some issues, financial stability and flexibility is not one of them.

The Bet365 brand has an excellent reputation for delivering high standards of customer service to its customers and this is clearly evident when spending or winning money on the Bet365 Poker app.

All cash is debited and credited to your account almost instantaneously and it is easy to see your balance at any time on the site. Best of all, you can transfer your cash balance from poker to sports betting, casino or bingo balances and vice versa, from the cashier client quickly and easily.

Bet365 Mobile Poker App ReviewThis gives users of the Bet365 Poker app, or indeed any of the other Bet365 sister sites, quick and easy access to both the sites and the cash needed to enjoy using them.

Five plus points for the Bet365 Mobile Poker App

If we were to list the best five features of the Bet365 Mobile Poker App, they would be:

1. The app is built on solid foundations. The financial aspects of having an account and being a Bet365 customer are all superb and industry-leading. The flexibility of being able to access numerous Bet365 sites, form a single account, is also hugely beneficial.

2. There are a large number of cash tables to select from when playing, allowing you to tailor your playing exactly to the bet limits you want.

3. The server is generally reliable with no real issues with connection when used from WiFi or over a 3G connection with a consistent service.

4. The site design is simple and intuitive meaning that users can quickly find the games they want to play.

5. The Speed Poker option is a great choice for poker players who have limited time available and want to play as many hands as possible within that time. This really does fit well with players accessing their site from their mobile either in a break at work, or travelling home or similar.

Where the Bet365 Mobile Poker App could stand to improve

There are several ways the Bet365 Mobile Poker app can improve.

Firstly, it needs more options for players who are not cash table fans. The lack of MTTs and Sit & Go games is a big omission.

It is also annoying to receive a free tournament token as a mobile player, but then not be able to access this tournament from your mobile device and be forced to use it from a PC, or lose the token.

Secondly, the site is functional without being spectacular, adding a few new animations and some new graphics would help the app look less dated.

That said, the games that the app does offer play very well and are certainly enjoyable and easy to play from an iPhone or iPad.

Conclusion and overall score - 39/50

There is lots to like on the Bet365 Mobile Poker app, the cash tables offer variety and a real challenge, while the Speed Games are great for players who have limited time.

The site infrastructure and ease of use with sister Bet365 sites make it a fine all-round gambling portal.

That said, the lack of MTT’s and Sit & Go games does mean this app will lack long term appeal for gamers who prefer these types of poker games. That and a somewhat dated feel to the graphics, mean that it is still some way off being the polished article just yet.

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