BWin Mobile Poker Room Review

Posted: October 17th, 2013

The current boom in the popularity of online gaming has gone hand in hand with the advances made in mobile technology. While online poker still enjoys burgeoning growth, mobile poker rooms are still something of a rarity. There are a few available for the increasing number of mobile poker fans and in this article, we are going to review the BWin mobile poker client in a little more detail.

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Access, compatibility and Installation - 9/10

The good news for Bwin mobile poker customers is that the app is available for both Apple iPhone and iPad, as well as a vast range of Android devices.

Bwin for mobileThis gives it immediate appeal to the vast majority of the mobile market, which is dominated by these two operators.

Downloading the app is simple, you can either visit an app store and download the link directly from there onto your device, or you can navigate to the mobile site using your browser and download the software onto your device that way.

Installation is rapid and in a very short amount of time you’ll be ready to click on the app and register with the site.

If you are new to poker, the Preview tab is a nice touch – this is a semi-interactive tutorial which takes you through how to play a hand of Texas Hold’em on the Bwin site. A good addition especially for players new to the game and how playing via mobile works.

Registration & depositing cash - 8/10

Registering your information is completed relatively quickly and easily, though this is more difficult on a smaller screen device as the text is relatively small.

Bwin mobile review

Registration is a two stage process where you enter your personal details on the first page, then your account information on the second.

Once you have confirmed, then your account is set up. You are now able to play for free using the Play Money option on the home page, but if you want to play for cash, you’ll need to deposit money. Again this is relatively easy to enter your credit or debit card details and deposit cash into your account to play with.

The registration and depositng process is easy and simple, with the only slight niggle being that on smaller screens, the text size does become an issue and zooming in and out to fill in forms is a little annoying.

Game Choice - 5/10

So far so good for the Bwin Mobile Poker App but unfortunately this positivity is about to change. This is because when we consider the choice of gaming options available through the app.

This is where the Bwin app is a real disappointment: The app only offers access to cash tables - there are no Sit & Go events available through the app, nor any Multi Table Tournaments.

Of course, if you are a cash table player then this is good news. Especially because on the cash tables that we have played during the review process, we have found that the standard of play on the tables is not particularly daunting and that all things being equal, a solid poker player should not struggle unduly to build up even a modest initial bankroll.

Review of Bwin Mobile App

One positive was that there are a number of different blinds available for the cash tables, meaning that users can play from 0.01/0.02 blinds, up to £2/£4 blinds. It is worth noting though that there are fewer players playing at the higher stakes tables.

Yet despite plentiful cash tables, the lack of Sit & Go and MTTs is a real disappointment as so many poker players enjoy these types of tournament and if they want to play them via their mobile phone or tablet they are going to have to look elsewhere.  

Graphics and Animations - 7/10

The front end graphics and table representation of the game are both bright and clear. The Black and Yellow livery for the Bwin mobile poker client is particularly striking and does catch the eye.

Mobile Poker BwinAs you can see from the image of the table above, the actual table representation itself is clear and precise with better than usual avatars to represent the player and particularly good animation.

Following whose turn it is to bet and what betting options are available is simple meaning that it is ideal for beginners as it is a site you can play intuitively, even with very little prior experience of playing poker via mobile or online.

That said, while everything works well and the graphics perform all the necessary functions, there is nothing groundbreaking about them and they certainly don’t have the ‘wow’ factor of some of the other mobile poker apps available.    

Financial Transactions - 9/10

Making transactions on the site was quick and easy and above all else, secure. Once you’ve registered a credit or debit card, or one of the other many forms of payment, transferring cash to and from your balance is quick and easy.

While playing poker, your balance is updated instantly once you win some cash, so you never have to wait to see the money from a win.

Bwin Poker on the goSimply wait a second or two and refresh your balance and any money you have won at the tables should be in your account immediately.

Financially, the Bwin app certainly performed equally as well as any of the other available mobile poker apps.

Five plus points for the Bwin Mobile Poker app

To summarise the five best points about the Bwin Mobile Poker app:

  1. Registration, Installation and access to the app is very quick and simple meaning players of all abilities and experiences can start playing with the app quickly and easily.

  2. There are plentiful payment options and the financial aspects of the site are completed in a safe, secure and speedy manner, ensuring you always have an up to date balance available.

  3. A good range of cash tables with plenty of different blinds available ensuring players with differing bankroll levels can find a table to suit their requirements.

  4. Graphics and animations are smooth, crisp and do the job nicely.

  5. The Preview option on the main screen is a nice touch, as it gives novice poker players a complete run through of how a typical hand progresses.  

Where the Bwin Mobile Poker app needs to improve

What the Bwin mobile poker app does, it does well enough but there is no disguising the fact that the lack of game options, specifically Sit & Go and MTT’s, means that this app is only really going to appeal to players who prefer to play at the cash tables.

If you are a cash table player in the main, then the Bwin app is certainly worth considering, however the lack of other types of games to play really does limit its appeal across the broader spectrum of poker players.

This is a shame as otherwise, this app would have scored considerably higher.

Conclusion and overall score - 37/50

The Bwin app offers cash table mobile poker excellently and does this in an efficient, clear and secure way. The games are well presented and offer cash table players a great option if they want to play via a mobile.

However, the lack of options for Sit & Go games and Multi Table Tournaments is a big oversight and one that would need to be addressed if the app is going to appeal to players of these popular forms of the game.


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