High Stakes Poker Season 7 Episode 4

Posted: October 5th, 2012

Episode Summary

In High Stakes Poker Season 7 Episode 4, the action continues with another player getting felted and reaching into their pockets for a rebuy. Another player decides to take leave with a considerable chunk of profit in tow; was it the Magician or the amateur Ruffin who scooped the loot? That and plenty of aggression and punishment awaits in this episode of High Stakes Poker.

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(Starting with seat 1 and going in order)

  • Doyle Brunson-  A Poker Hall Of Famer.
  • Vanessa Selbst- Featured in much of the televised portions of WSOP 2012 coverage.
  • Barry Greenstein- Donates a portion of his tournament winnings every year to charity.
  • Antonio Esfandiari- Co-hosted the show "I Bet You" with Phil Laak.
  • Andrew Robl- "Slowest (live) player I've ever played with" according to Esfandiari during the broadcast.
  • Phil Ruffin- Billionaire owner of Treasure Island Casino, along with hotels and Trump International Tower.
  • Bill Klein- Billionaire philanthropist and recreational poker player.
  • David "Viffer" Peat- High stakes pool player, among other gambling exploits.

Fun Fact

A lot of the conversation surrounding Selbst was her propensity to bluff. Ironically, Selbst's first foray into the televised poker scene featured her attempting to bully another player in a massive preflop pot during the final table of the $2,000 NLHE event at the 2006 WSOP. 

She opened the action for t66,000 at t10,000/t20,000 with the motley five-deuce of spades. A player with wired tens flatted, then the chip leader woke up with pocket aces and made it t200,000 to go. Vanessa then shoved for a total of nearly t400,000! She got the tens to fold, but the aces made the obvious call and busted Selbst. 

The courage to put your final table life on the line with nothing has served her well though, given her two bracelets and millions in tournament winnings though, so she's obviously doing something right.

Most Notable Hand of HSP Season 7 Episode 4

Episode 4 of High Stakes Poker's seventh season had a notable hand also involving the young phenom Vanessa Selbst, and as is her custom, it started with her opening the action UTG 1 to $3,000 with the jack-ten of hearts. Andrew Robl woke up with the ace-king offsuit and 3-bet to $11,000 from the cutoff. Bill Klein flat called the $11,000 from the small blind with two eights, and Selbst came along for the flop, which was an action junkie's dream; ten-nine-eight rainbow, giving Selbst top pair and an open ender and Klein bottom set.  

Klein checked to Selbst, who fired $18,000 into the nearly $35,000 pot. Robl went away, but Klein snuck in a check raise to $58,000 with his set. Selbst called the extra $40,000, and a $150,600 pot was brewing. The harmless three of hearts fell on the turn, and Klein fired a meaty $70,000 into the pot. Selbst agonized for a short time before making the correct decision and tossing her hand away, helping Klein start to dig out of his massive hole.

Big Winners/Losers (Episode)

  • Robl- $68,800
  • Greenstein- $51,400
  • Brunson- (-$40,700)
  • Ruffin- (-$80,000)

Big Winners/Losers (Overall)

  • Esfandiari- $436,200
  • Ruffin- $336,200
  • Croak- (-$200,000)
  • Klein- (-$420,600)

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