Big Mobile Poker News: Sky, Full Tilt and Party Poker Apps Receive Significant Upgrades

Posted: August 25th, 2014

Sky Poker mobile app updateIt’s been a big week for controversial poker legend Tony G, but not at the poker table as the player, currently on a sabbatical from the game to follow other interests, got hitched this past week.

But first, let’s take a look at some key developments in the world of mobile poker, with three of the biggest names in the UK mobile poker industry all revealing vastly upgraded mobile poker apps.

Sky Poker, Full Tilt Poker and Party Poker apps upgraded

The mobile poker industry is one of the fastest-growing and developing markets in the world of online poker and with thousands of players opting to use their smartphone or tablet to play poker, rather than their traditional desktop or laptop, it is an industry still in the first flushes of youth.

It’s fair to say that of all the b and sites out there, the vast majority only offer a cut down service to its customers, which is disappointing in terms of choice. Sites that did offer a full service, such as 888 Poker or PokerStars were amongst the minority but things are now slowly changing.

First up, Sky Poker has recently announced that its brand new app is now fully compatible with Sit & Go games from the site as well as the cash table games. A new update released earlier in August saw the software upgraded for Sky Poker players using the app.

However, if you still want to play MTT’s on your device you have two choices, wait for the next major app update, or log onto the Sky Poker site via a browser, rather than an app, and you can enter MTT’s on your chosen device that way instead.

When completed the Sky Poker app will certainly be one of the very best mobile poker offerings available to UK customers, seeing as it allows full access to the wide range of Sky Poker games, as well as all the other popular aspects of the site, such as Sky Poker TV, the Sky Poker Community pages and much more. So if you haven't yet tried out Sky Poker, you might want to, especially considering that new players qualify for a Sky Poker no deposit bankroll offer.

Yet Sky Poker are not the only mobile poker app undergoing a revamp; two of the biggest names in the industry from years past are both renewing their software in an attempt to attract more mobile players to their brand.

For one, Full Tilt Poker has radically improved its software recently to include a number of Sit & Go games, as well as Jackpot Sit & Go games, which can see users earn up to 1,000 times their stake if they win at a table with just two other players. This is a vast improvement on the original Full Tilt software, which used to just offer cash table or rush poker via the app.

Indeed, there is likely to be significant further work on the Full Tilt app, given that the parent company was bought out by Amaya recently and part of their strategy is to introduce further gambling platforms, such as a casino and sports betting sites, alongside revamping their current poker offerings. Finally, another famous name from the world of poker has also revamped its app offering recently, with Party Poker not just redesigning the look of their app, but also adding Sit & Go tournaments alongside their cash table and speed poker (fastforward) offerings.

Again, this is a big improvement on the original app as it offers a type of poker which is likely to be particularly popular with mobile users. What is particularly interesting is seeing how these companies are embracing the mobile customer and their importance to the future of the poker industry.

Now no longer a fringe market, the number of smartphones and tablets, such as the popular Apple iPad, in poker players' hands mean that there is a pressing need for these companies to offer a product at least equal to, if not better than, their current website offering.

These three big names in the UK Poker industry will likely to continue to develop their mobile offering, but we expect to see many more companies start to offer top quality mobile poker apps over the coming months.

Tony G gets hitched

He may not have so many friends at the poker table, but tough-talking poker legend, entrepreneur and philanthropist Tony G had arguably the biggest day of his life last week when he married his long-time partner Aistė Šlapokaitė in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

Tony G, real name Antana Guoga, was born in Kaunas, Lithuania in 1973, but aged 11 moved to Australia. He has since returned to live in his native country following his decision to reture from the professional poker circuit and follow other interests.

This includes him being elected to the European Parliament, setting up the Lithuanian Poker Federation, ownership of several poker sites and his philanthropy work which has, in the past, seen him donate his winnings from poker tournaments to several charitable organisations around the globe. This last fact earned Tony G the Shing World Leadership Award in 2008.

For many poker fans though, Tony G is best remembered as a master of trash talking at the tables, but he admitted during the service that he may have found his match in Aistė.

“My wife is a wonderful person – wise, understanding, supportive, warm, sensitive, accepting me with all my weaknesses," he said.

Several of Tony G’s former opponents and friends from the world of poker attended the wedding including Phil Hellmuth, Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott and Tony’s long-standing friend of several years, Warren Lush. For the time being, Tony is not planning a return to competitive poker, focusing instead on his marriage and his new interests, notably as a member of the European Parliament for Lithuania.

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