New Chairman States Not For Sale and Sky Poker Gear Up to Celebrate 800 Millionth Hand

Posted: July 16th, 2014

Sky Poker UK promotions bonus offersIt has been a tough time of late for bwin with investigations in France, Belgium and Australia surrounding its former CEO’s and then this week, rumours appearing that the company was about to be sold. We’ll look at what new chairman of the group, Philip Yea, had to say about these rumours below.

But first we’ll take a look at some more positive news, especially if you are a player at Sky Poker, where the site is now gearing up for a new landmark, the playing of its 800 millionth hand. And of course, it wouldn’t be Sky Poker if there was a great offer to take advantage of to celebrate the fact.

Sky Poker set to celebrate its 800 millionth hand of poker

Sky Poker are gearing up to celebrate the playing of its 800,000,000 hand of poker and at some time within the next month, this milestone will be reached on the site. To commemorate the fact, Sky Poker have decided to run a special promotion, which is offering up to £25,000 worth of cash prizes to lucky players, as well as entry into the UKPC Main Event and prizes such as an iPad Air.

If you are at the tables when the 800 millionth hand is hit and you manage to win that hand, then you will walk away with a fantastic bundle of prizes. This includes a UKPC Main Event seat (worth £100), an iPad Air and £10 for every Sky Poker Rewards point you have earned in the hour leading up to the 800 millionth hand. In addition, you will also earn £1 for every Sky Poker Rewards point you have earned in the 24 hour period before the milestone hand was played.

There are also a number of other prizes up for grabs for the 796m to 799m hands. If you play and win the 796, 797, 798 or 799 millionth hand then you’ll win £100 plus £1 for every Sky Poker point you earned in the 24 hours leading up to the hand being played. If you are not fortunate enough to play one of the milestone hands then there are other ways to win available.

All players playing in the 24 hour period and earning 50 Sky Poker Rewards points before a milestone hand is played will gain entry into a £1,500 freeroll event, played at 7pm the following evening after a milestone hand is played. Furthermore, if you play in the 24 hour period before the 800 millionth hand is played and earn 50 Sky Poker Reward points, then you will qualify for a special £5,000 freeroll played the day after the 800,000,000 hand is contested.

Already the 796 and 797 millionth hands have been contested, with two players winning the £100 prize and two freerolls played. There are still three prizes, including the big prize for the 800 millionth hand, still to play for.

If you haven't yet signed up an account, there is still time before the hands hit 800 million. Create a new player account today and you can also get a £10 free Sky Poker bonus bankroll.

New chairman moves to quell speculation of imminent sale

With speculation rife last week that was considering the sale of at least one part of the company, the new chairman Philip Yea has moved quickly to dispel rumours that the company was on the verge of breaking up and selling some or all of its component parts. With chairman Yea still investigating ways to increase the value of the company, speculation among industry insiders and in particular an article published by Bloomberg, speculated that the new chairman was considering breaking up the company and selling off key parts of the business to the highest bidder.

The articles also stated that had hired Deutsche Bank AG to help them consider the options available and had set a two-month time frame for key decisions to be made. This led to somewhat feverish speculation about the long-term future of the company.

Following the release of the Bloomberg article, published its own response on the company’s corporate website which read, “The board of has noted the recent speculation in the media regarding a possible break-up or sale of the company."

"Since his appointment as Chairman last month, Philip Yea has been working with the executive management team on ways in which the Group can increase shareholder value, however we can confirm that there are no plans to break up or sell the company.“

Following the announcement from, its shares responded well to the news, rising by 4.1 percent. It remains to be seen however, what Mr Yea and his team will come up with in order to try and increase the value of the company.

In the meantime, you can try out the company's poker offering and enrich yourself with a $50 bwin poker no deposit bankroll if you haven't already joined the room.

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